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King David

David King of Judah, The United Jewish Kingdom, Jerusalem, David's Last Wars, David's Trials, Absalom's Revolt, David's Humility, National Calamities, David's Successor, "David King of Israel Lives"

David Crowned In Hebron, Civil War, Abner Swears Allegiance to David, Abner's Death
David's Coronation in Hebron, Capture of Jerusalem
Spiritual Center
David's Victories, David's Court, The Ammonites Provoke War
David and Bathsheba, The Poor Man's Lamb, Birth of Solomon, Capture of Rabbah
Murder among Brothers, Murder among Brothers, David in Flight
Insult to Injury, Absalom in Jerusalem, The Battle in the Forest of Ephraim, David Mourns the Death of Absalom, David Restored to His Throne
A New Uprising, Famine, A State Census
The Problem of Succession, Solomon Anointed, David's Last Bequests
The Book of Psalms, The Passing of David