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The Forefathers

The Eras of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph

Abram’s Family, Abram’s Birth, Nimrod’s Attempt on Abram’s Life, Young Abram Recognizes G-d, Abram Destroys the Idols, In Nimrod’s Hands, The Miracle in the Furnace, G-d Commands and Promise to Abram, Abram’s Obedience
Abram Goes To Egypt, The Strife of the Herdsmen, Abram and Lot Separate, Lot a Prisoner of War, The Rescue
Count the Stars, Takes Hagar as Wife, The Covenant, Abraham’s Guests
The Wickedness of the Sodomites, Abraham Pleads For Sodom, Lot’s Hospitality, Lot and His Family Are Saved, The Dead Sea
Abraham in Gerar, Isaac’s Birth, Ishmael, The Miraculous Well
G-d’s strange Command, Father and Son Together, The Akedah - Altar, Abraham’s Reward, Abraham and Isaac Return, Sarah’s Death
Eliezer’s Mission, Eliezer’s Prayer, Rebekah at the Well, Rebekah and Isaac Marries
Birth of the Twins, Jacob and Esau Grow Up, Abraham’s Death, Esau Kills Nimrod, Jacob Buys the Birthright, Isaac Goes To Philistina
Esau’s Evil Ways, Rebekah’s Ploy, The Blessing, Esau Returns
Rebecca Sends Jacob to Haran, Jacob and Eliphaz, Jacob’s Dream, Jacob’s Vow, Jacob’s Arrival in Haran
The Price of a Wife, Jacob’s Children, Jacob’s Wealth
Jacob Leaves Laban, Laban Instigates Esau to Make War on His Brother, Jacob’s Strategy, Jacob Wrestles with an Angel, Jacob’s Reconciliation with Esau, Jacob’s Arrival in Canaan, Rachel’s Death
The Destruction of Shechem, The War against the Seven Kings
Jacob's Love for Joseph, Joseph Dreams, Joseph Sold, Jacob Mourns the Loss of Joseph
In The Service of Potiphar, Joseph Falsely Accused, Joseph Thrown Into Prison, Joseph, the Interpreter of Dreams
Pharaoh’s Dreams, Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams, Joseph Receives Great Honors, Joseph in Office
Joseph Prepares For His Brothers’ Arrival, The Harsh Reception, The Changed Brothers
Judah Vouches For Benjamin, A Friendlier Reception
Joseph Tests His Brothers, Judah Pleads For Benjamin, Joseph Himself: Reveals

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