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Samuel and Saul

Samuel the Prophet, Samuel the Judge, Saul, First King of Israel, War with the Philistines, War with Amalek

Samuel the Prophet
The High Priest Eli, Samuel's Father, Early Years of Samuel, War with the Philistines, Eli's Death, The Holy Ark in Captivity, Return of the Holy Ark
Victory over the Philistines, "Set a King Over Us"
Saul's Family, Samuel's First Meeting With Saul, Saul Anointed, Public Selection of King, Nachash, King of the Ammonites, Saul's First Victory
Philistine Oppression, Jonathan's Victory, Saul's Disobedience, Jonathan's Bravery, The Victory, Jonathan Is Saved
Old Account Settled, Samuel Rebukes Saul