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Omer Q&A

Why Count the Omer Standing Up?
Although this teaching is not in the Talmud, it is quoted as having originated in the Mishnaic era.
What Was the Omer Offering (Korban Ha’omer)?
And what does it have to do with counting to Shavuot?
Why So Many Customs of When to Mourn During the Omer?
Why so many customs? How did it all develop?
What's the Big Deal About the Death of Rabbi Akiva's Students?
Why do we make such a big deal about this tragedy in particular?
Why Do Jews Start Counting the Omer Early?
Why do you not follow the Bible?
Why Do We Count the Omer?
From the second night of Passover until the day before the holiday of Shavuot, the Jewish people engage in an unique mitzvah called Sefirat HaOmer—the counting of the Omer.
Why Do We Count the Omer Specifically at Night?
Join Rabbi Shurpin for a fascinating halachic discussion of why the preferred time for this mitzvah is during the night.
Why Do We Count Up the Omer?
Why do we count up to Shavuot during the Omer instead of counting down? Isn’t it a countdown from Passover to Shavuot?
Take the Omer Quiz
How much do you know about the special mitzvah we do at this time of year? Find out now!
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