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Omer Insights

Why Do We Count the Omer? by Yeruchom Eilfort... Language of the Soul by Jay Litvin... A Spiritual Guide to the Omer Count by Simon Jacobson... Numbers Are Funny Things by Yanki Tauber... Revelation and Struggle by Zvi Yair...

Believe You Me
The philosophical differences between various sects and streams of Jews bother me greatly.
How 49 and 49 Equal 49
There are no bad character traits. There are only badly channeled ones.
How a Tiny Splinter on My Finger Changed My Perspective
A tiny sliver of wood, so small it was hardly discernable. But, it taught me a wonderful lesson.
Older Workers
Sefirah: Revelation and Struggle
One morning, just before daybreak, the stranger took the people to the edge of the valley, and when the early morning breezes drove away the dark clouds, they saw far off in the distance, as if illuminated by a flash of lightning, a green-covered plateau on top of a distant mount bathed in the light of the rising sun . . .
What is freedom? What can be done with it? Nothing, unless we open the treasure chest and count its contents.
Catching Up With Ourselves
Over the past century we have experienced a great leap forward of technological progress. Now it's time to catch up with ourselves...
Peaks and Plateaus
We seek specialness. Everything else just is, and as such is unworthy of our energy or attention. But is that how we really are? Or is there another, perhaps deeper, self that thrives on routine and regularity?
The Morrow of the Shabbat
An historic controversy arose between the Rabbis and sectarians as to the meaning of the command: "And you shall count unto you from the morrow after the Shabbat." Although the Rabbis proved their case, why did the Torah use a word so open to misinterpretation?
Time Management
Don't we all wish we had more time? So many projects we'd love to embark upon, so many places to see and things to do, but so little time available... Or is that really a fact?
Language of the Soul
Seven words—kindness, discipline, compassion, endurance, humility, connection and dignity—which enable us to explain to our children the nuances of our drives, motives and actions.
Candy Grab
Some interesting lessons taken from the weekly "candy grab" in the synagogue of Lubavitch World Headquarters. Are we all meant to be candy grabbers?
Don't Get Lost in the Crowd
The commandment to count the Omer is an mitzvah upon every individual -- as opposed to a communal obligation. This tells us something about the nature of our relationship with Torah.
The Purpose of Freedom
The holidays of Passover and Shavuot are connected to each other by the Omer Counting period. This reveals to us the nature of freedom, and its dependence on Torah.
Cumulative Time
We are accustomed to thinking of time as a fixed yardstick against which our lives are measured.
Why the “countdown” to the holiday of Shavuot? What is the connection between numbers and counting, and the special gift which our nation received on this holiday?
Grain, Growth and Goodness
We are inclined to believe that all intellectual and artistic endeavors are inherently positive. There are those who would argue that untrammeled intellectual and artistic expression is itself a fundamental good . . .
Musings About Respect and the Omer
Everyone deserves respect. We all have merit in this world. We all have something to share and to teach from our life’s experiences.
Endowed By Their Creator...
In these four words lies the difference between the American Revolution, which made the country the beacon of freedom and liberty until this very day, and other revolutions crying the same cry of "all men are created equal," which did not last.
Hey, Who’s Counting?
How can inflexible digits chart the person-to-G-d relationship? And how can any method be standardized for all people?
Giving G-d Your Challenges
Anyone who has tried to work through a character flaw will concede that it is very difficult. And even if there seems to be a shift today, how can I know that tomorrow won’t bring back the same old demon?
Life on the Installment Plan
As we travel our path to self-betterment, we need an occasional wake-up call. The startling flash of recognition can obliterate our mental fog, But the mental clarity itself isn’t change. It’s just the beginning...
Is G-d My Doctor?
In Judaism there appears to be, on the one hand, a significant legacy of practical medical teachings; and on the other hand, a strong tradition of eschewing medical intervention in favor of faith.
The Weekday Holiday
When you look back at the photo album of your life, which moments will you most treasure or regret, and which will you struggle to even remember?
Sefirat HaOmer and Prayer: Unfinished Business
When a new will is drawn into the world, it affects all of existence.
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