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“I knew,” the Rebbe said, “that there must be something in me that could relate to his situation . . .”
Two Against One
Sly Arrogance
“Will I be able to do my job?” the Evil Side asked. “Will people really listen to me?”
The Rebbe's Son and the Chassid
The Chassid noticed that the young "Rebbe's Son" was all too aware of his own achievements.
Where Is That Merchant From?
"If you realize that the entire day you spend in the store is just so you can learn for one hour, you will never lose touch with the Torah.”
Why Reb Nochum Fell from His Horse
Informed that his son was in grave danger, the rebbe merely motioned with his hand to continue the festivities.
Heeding the Cry of a Child
The Five-Ruble Reading
The simple folk were shocked at this enormous amount, as the entire community’s donations didn’t even add up to one ruble.