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Biographical Information

The Mitteler Rebbe
A brief biography of the second Chabad Rebbe
Known for the breadth and depth of his Chassidic teachings and his incredible love for every Jew, Rabbi DovBer dedicated his life to the servicing of the Jewish community, spiritually and physically.
10 Kislev: The Liberation of Rabbi DovBer
10 Kislev 5587 (1826)
Careful note was taken of all written materials, and anything else they considered suspicious. Additional investigators measured the rebbe’s study hall; the astonished chassidim could not figure out what they were trying to find . . .
(5534-5588; 1773-1827)
The Uniqueness of the Mitteler Rebbe
The ninth of Kislev marks the birth and passing of the second Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Dovber of Lubavitch. The tenth of Kislev celebrates his liberation from Czarist imprisonment. Learn what’s uniquely special about his life and the connection to the parsha of Vayeitzei.
The Ushpizin, Day Four of Sukkot
Leading the delegation of ushpizin on the fourth day of Sukkot is Moshe. Understanding the special qualities of 4th day, and the connection to the chassidic ushpiz, the Mitteler Rebbe.