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Yiddish History

Why Do Jews Still Insist on Speaking Yiddish?
Why are Jewish people living in the United States speaking German? Can’t they speak in English, or at least Hebrew?
The Declining Jewish Languages
When languages die, whole cultures die with them, and communities lose their identity. Jewish languages are no different.
Yiddish in the Soviet Union
A history of the Yiddish literary scene of post war Soviet Russia
Tracing the postwar history of Yiddish publishing in the Soviet Union, describing the infamous purge of Yiddish writers in the early 50's and the subsequent revival in the late 50's. Looking particularly at the history of the Journal 'סאוועטיש היימלאנד' (Soviet Homeland) launched in 1961, and ran until 1991, reappearing in 1993 under the title 'די אידישע גאס' (The Jewish Street.)
The Joy of Yiddish
“I’m glad you enjoyed my Yiddish. Until now, when I’ve addressed the supporters of the Machne Israel Development Fund, I’ve spoken in English. But today I made a change and spoke in Yiddish, because Yiddish is always better – even than my Pidgin English.”
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