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Yiddish Lists and Quizzes

22 Yiddish Expressions About Telling the Truth
Truth is a prized quality in Judaism, to the point that Talmud calls it is G‑d’s own signature. Enjoy some Yiddish wisdom about this wonderful quality.
13 Super Polite Yiddish Words and Terms of Endearment
Yiddish is a beautiful language, replete with compliments, terms of endearment, and gentle wisdom. Here are our top 13 Yiddish words to use when you want to be nice.
10 Foolproof Yiddish Words to Use All the Time
These are the words you can safely pop into your conversation for emphasis with little fear of messing up, since it is hard to misappropriate them.
Quiz: Do You Know Enough Yiddish to Order a Bagel in New York?
How well do you know Yiddish? Would it make your bubby kvell? Test your Yiddish skills with this 10-part quiz!
Quiz: Do You Know Enough Yiddish to Order Cholent in Monsey?
Take our 10-part test to see how well you know Yiddish (and have a few laughs along the way).
Yiddish Words for 15 Body Parts to Use With Your Kids
Here is a list of basic terms you need to know to sound like an authentic Yiddishe Mama.
9 Yiddish Names Actually From Greek and Latin
Ashkenaz was birthed in France and has its roots along the Mediterranean, drawing from older Greek and Italian Jewish communities.
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