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In Brief

The Lady, the Tiger and Freedom of Choice
The princess up in the grandstand catches your eye and is about to indicate the door leading to life and bliss. But at that moment Mr. Philosopher appears at her elbow...
The Right Not to Know
Knowledge may bring power, but absolute knowledge brings utter powerlessness
The Czar's Rubles
A Russian peasant once said to his friend: "You know, Ivan, I have been thinking, it is really very stupid for us to pay taxes to the Czar."
Think back twenty, forty, sixty or eighty years, to the day that you learned how to walk. What you sensed but could not understand then, will tell you much about what you understand but cannot sense today
A Choice of Choices
There is good and there is evil, blessing and curse, light and darkness; now choose. Not much of a choice, is it? So what's all this talk about "freedom of choice"?
The landscape of classic Jewish thought is painted with a finite set of themes and motifs...
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