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Yarmulke Q&A

Why Wear Both a Kippah and a Hat?
Why do I see Jews wearing a hat in addition to their kipah when they pray?
Can I Cover My Head With a Kippah?
I do not observe many of the Jewish traditions including the kosher dietary laws and the complete observance of the Sabbath. Can I still cover my head with a kippah (skullcap)?
Why Do We Wear a Kippah?
The tradition to wear a kippah developed as a sign of our recognition that there is Someone “above” us who watches our every action . . .
I'm Ashamed of My Husband's Kippah
He wears his kippah all the time. It’s such a rarity in our social circles, so it makes me feel uncomfortable and, at times, even ashamed.
What's Up With the Kippah?
Why do I have to actually cover my head as long as I know G-d is above me in my heart and mind?
What Does “Yarmulke” Mean?
The boring answer is that it is just the generic Slavic word for “skullcap,” which Eastern-European Jews borrowed from their non-Jewish neighbors