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Yud Tes Kislev Essays

Light, Life and Selflessness
Two chassidim, two statements, and one Yud-Tes Kislev farbrengen
Two pithy lines were repeated by beloved teachers and relived by those who heard them each and every year.
How to Celebrate Your Birthday Twice
A 19 Kislev Thought
Man as Verb
The truth about the Tanya
I'll let you in on a little surprise: Who says that yourself is the real you? Maybe the real you is not a subject, not an object, but a verb? Maybe the real you is to be found not in who you are but in those things you need to do?
The Peaceful Battle
The internal battle which we all experience can be largely avoided. One need only uncover the secret weapon which guarantees victory.
Hand to Hand Combat
A battle is waged every day within every human being. And as is the case with conventional warfare, the battles are fought in many different arenas, each arena requiring a unique strategy, style of combat and ammunition.
The Smallness of Jacob
Why does success evoke arrogance in some and humility in others?
What is the key to graciously accepting blessings in life while not growing callous because of them? Rabbi Schneur Zalman offers the answer, through a study of the words of Jacob, the archetypal beneficiary.
The Truth of Jacob
A Rebbe's choice: three words or 50,000 followers
The Soul’s Wrestling Match: Can It Be a Peaceful Battle?
The G‑dy soul has a secret weapon.