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A halachic living will, final moments confession prayers, funeral prayers, yizkor, and other death & mourning related texts and tools.

Psalm 20 is traditionaly recited for oneself or a loved one who is suffering or in danger
Text of the Viduy Confession Prayers...
Psalm 121... Psalm 130... Psalm 91... Adon Olam... Ana B'choach... V'al Ken Ne'kaveh... The Shema and verses of unity
Recited seven times while accompanying the casket
The "acceptance of judgement" prayer
The Traditional Text for Consoling the Mourner
Recited in the house of mourning
Text of the Yizkor memorial prayer recited on Yom Kippur, Shmini Atzeret (the 8th day of Sukkot) and the last day of Passover
Yahrtzeit Calculator
The anniversary of a loved one's passing is a time to honor his or her memory by reciting the kaddish prayer, giving extra charity and learning Torah. Determine the Hebrew date of your loved one's passing for this year or any other.
End-of-Life Issues
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Introduction: Dealing with Death; The Jewish Approach
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Yahrtzeit Calculator
Kaddish Service
Yahrtzeit Reminder
Arrange Kaddish for a Loved One