• Our organization´s mission statement reflects inclusion of people with disabilities
  • We have an accessibility statement on our website and in all written and electronic communication
  • Membership or registration packets include disability inclusion policies
  • We have at least one person designated to respond to accommodation requests
  • Materials are available in adaptive formats (e.g. large print, ASL interpreter available on request, etc.)
  • We inform members, staff, constituents on inclusion efforts in our organization
  • Our committees receive information about inclusion from leadership and/or inclusion committee


  • Food containing nuts, gluten, dairy or other allergens is clearly marked at all events
  • We have a fragrance-free policy
  • We ask people if we can be of assistance to them at services, events and programs rather than assuming that they don’t need help
  • We use person-first language when speaking about someone who has a disability or uses adaptive equipment
  • We reviewed our policies and by-laws and have made changes that support inclusion.
  • All staff are trained to take accommodations requests
  • People with disabilities sit on our board


  • We have an inclusion committee to guide our organization
  • We utilize secular and Jewish community resources to provide information on inclusion
  • We use resources provided by organizations of which we are members and share our experiences with them, maintaining privacy and confidentiality
  • We are aware of grants and other funding mechanisms offered by the province or national government
  • We have completed an assessment of the physical plant and have made changes or have a plan to make changes for accessibility
  • We have a designated endowment fund(s) for inclusion/support of people with disabilities
  • We know what the Americans with Disabilities Act is and how it applies to our organization


  • Staff members have attended conferences/workshops on disabilities and/or inclusion
  • Staff have attended training to support people with disabilities in their particular area of work
  • We provide internal training to each department on inclusion and supporting people with disabilities
  • People with disabilities (and family where applicable) participate on personal plan development
  • We provide board training on inclusion
  • Inclusion is part of our volunteer training
  • Our organization participates in Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month and/or community-wide inclusion programming.