I am a soul,
sent by G‑d
to reside within your heart
and enliven your existence.

I am a soul,
Seeking sanction
to vivify each organ
With purity and light.

I am a soul,
do not forget me.
For when you do,
I am lonely.
Like a child
I crouch
in a large and darkened room,
by a single shaft of piercing light
where you can find me

I am a soul,
I ask that you remember me,
To feed and nourish me,
To seek for me
robes of flowing fabric,
of lovely hue.
And when you do
I will arise
With hands outstretched
In compassion
In forgiveness
For all who you have been
Without me;
For all we can be

I am a soul
In exile,
Yet anger is not mine
Nor fear or despair.
These are yours alone,
Bred from your forgetfulness
That I am who you really are.

I am a soul
In suffering awaits you,
In loneliness calls to you.
Can't you hear me?
Or have you mistaken me
For something else?
And sought me where I am not,
in foolishness?

I am your soul,
Without me
Darkness is;
No life shines.
Limbs move,
blood flows,
While the vacuum of my absence
Fills with greed and lust -
Your jealousy and rage,
Your impatience
And desperation.

I am your soul,
Can't you hear me calling?
In your tears?
Can't you feel me?
In the night, in your fear?
Will you answer me?
I am your soul
Seeking you,
Seeking yourself.