Go ahead. Do it. Let it go and be free.
Hand it over, give it up, and see who you'll be?

But wait, you say, I have to go slow,
I have to be sure just where I will go.
I have to know who I'll be each day
I can't just flit any which way

A whacko dancing in a busy street?
Twirling to the music, shuffling his feet?
A fanatic. A loon, whose lost his ground,
Sent his head to the clouds, no where to be found?

Do it. Give it up. Hand it over. Let it be.
Don't Hold on. Let it go and be free.

Let go, let go, now what do you see?

A daavener praying to the One Above.
Head bent, eyes closed, lost in love.
Swaying in rapture, lost in space
Are you afraid of the glow on his face?

Are you afraid to lose your mind?
Afraid if you look of what you might find?

Do you hold on and won't let go,
Afraid to face what you don't know?
Afraid your self you might lose
Afraid of what you might choose?

C'mon, do it. Give it away.
Be free. Be free.
But who will you be?

A man brushing his teeth and stirring his eggs.
Going to work with socks on his legs.
Kissing his children and loving his wife.
Voting, paying taxes, for the rest of his life.

No, my friend, no need to worry
You're life will continue with its constant flurry.
You'll walk on the street with feet on the ground
Your mind will still work, you'll be safe and sound

But inside you'll know a brand new delight
You'll bask in the joy of a bright Shabbos light
You'll be a man just like before
With a heart that beats a little more.
Your eyes will scan the sky above
And find reflected a gentle love
For G‑d you'll discover has been waiting for you
He hasn't judged harshly the things that you do
But the time has now come for you to return
Find your way, take a leap, it's easy to learn
But first comes a step that you must take
Give it up. Let go. A new you will awake!

Be free. Be free. Find out who you'll be.
Be free. Be free. Maybe G‑d you will see.
Be free. Let it go. Let it all drift away
Be free. Don't hold on. Walk tall a new way
Be free, and find out what it means to love.
Be free , let go, to the One above.