Listen to what the Chanukah lights are telling us.
- Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch

I am pure, and retain my purity wherever I go. The rays that penetrate a filthy dungeon are as pure as those that flood a palace of white marble.

My most important use is not in giving you something that you do not have, but in enabling you to preserve and develop what you do. When you are in darkness, you may be on the verge of great danger, or within arm's reach of great riches, and be unaware of both. I gift you the knowledge of your potential and what to do with it.

I achieve great things, but I achieve them effortlessly.

I am truth.

I am a healing force.

I am colorless, though I embody all colors. I am devoid of substance, mass, weight — yet I am an integral part of the physical reality. In other words, I am spiritual.

I strive to tear free of the physical state, yet am inexorably bound to it. In other words, I am you.

I am not an existence unto myself, but the revelation of my source.

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