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Articles by Yanki Tauber

More than 200 articles on all areas of spirituality, Jewish traditions and daily life--from the pen of our senior editor.

Did You Ask to Be Born?
What kind of "free choice" do we have, if we didn't choose to be presented with that choice?
The Third Marriage
What did Moses feel ascending Mount Sinai for the third time, on the early morning of the 1st of Elul, 3,308 years ago?
Seven Fruits of the Soul
Why are we never content to simply be? Why does our animal self posses willpower, passion and energy beyond anything our spiritual self could ever muster? What purpose does "happiness" serve? Which is greater--awareness or action? struggle or tranquility?
To Be a Body
Imagine a person trapped under a collapsed building. There is a small fissure in the rubble--just large enough to allow him to extend his hand to his rescuers. We are that hand
The World is a Ball
Large, round object. Move it towards the goal. Outmaneuver those big, burly guys trying to stop you. Be quick. Use your feet. Sounds familiar? Sounds like my life
Before baking her toil, talent and thaler into bread for herself and her family, she pinches off a choice bit . . .
The Torah Is...
The Torah is a guidebook. A contract. Identity. Vision. A daughter. And a wife...
The Things You See
In this world that G-d made, there are no tourists--just local residents. There are no fans in the bleachers--only players on the field. No audience--just actors
Calling Moses
Do we surrender to the anti-truth of arbitrary happenstance, or do we embrace the divine calling of purposeful engagement? The difference looks a lot smaller than it is
The Kabbalah of the Neck
The head is obviously a critical piece of machinery. Would it not have been more judicious to put it in a more protected place, perhaps somewhere deep within the body's bulk?
Four Ways to Use Your Head
Is there really such a thing as "theoretical knowledge," or is it just a theory?
Are You Inside Your Name?
You may be the only guy wearing a red tie in seat 3B, but does that mean that if you'd put on the yellow tie this morning you wouldn't be you?
Walls and Gates
Walls insulate and isolate. Breached boundaries leave us vulnerable to attack and loss of identity. What, then, is it that we need?
Make Yourself Useful
There's nary a shul bench in Mineola or a park bench in Jerusalem that does not bear the inscription "In memory of ...." Is that what it's about -- memorializing the dead? or is there something more significant at play here?
Who Wants to Be Jewish?
The “child” and the “servant” exist in all relationships: in the family, in the workplace, and in our divine service.
Sacrifice Your Son?
a conversation
Skeptic: Now if that's not the epitome of everything wrong with religion... Believer: Aren't you leaving out a very important part of the story?
The Lost Cause Scenario
Much is made of Abraham’s valiant efforts to save the city of Sodom, how he went to battle with G‑d on behalf of these very sinful people. But something about the story just doesn’t add up . . .
The First Jew
To be a Jew is to be constantly moving from what you are to what you can be, and from what you have made of yourself to yet a deeper truth of what you are
Adam's Birthday
Some of my best friends are atheists. And I can hear them saying: "You can be a moral and ethical person also if you don't believe in and respect G-d"
The Case of the Basket
That “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is a fact already noted by the Talmud some 1,500 years ago. But what’s so great about being rich, anyway?
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