Dear Friend,

Living and working in the heart of Jerusalem is not so easy these days. As news editor for, I’m immersed, day and night, in every terrorist attack, deciding whether or not each one is “newsworthy.” I’ve lived in many places, and the sad irony is that I’ve never felt more in “exile” than here, and now. But I’m not complaining because neither have I ever felt closer to redemption, so near and yet so far.

The problem, as I see it, is not terrorism, nor is it anti-Semitism. The problem today—as it has been for 2,000 years—is galut, exile. And the solution, the only solution, as it has always been, is geulah, redemption, in expecting the arrival of Moshiach and doing whatever I can to make that happen. Other than that, there is no real, lasting solution to that which threatens us wherever we live—whether it’s an ayatollah with a nuclear weapon in Iran, a terrorist with an assault rifle in Paris or a child with a kitchen knife in Jerusalem. We must do everything in our power, individually and collectively, to stop terrorist attacks. But the only real, long-term solution is a global transformation for good.

So how do we get there? Over the last week, in essays, emails and videos, has launched an impressive and important message in 7 Things You Can Do for Israel Today.

Do these things, and thanks, from the heart, from all of us here in Israel. But really, don’t do them just for us. Do them for yourself, for your own family and friends, and for every person on the planet, so that we can all experience the complete and final redemption, once and for all. It’s time!

Yaakov Ort
on behalf of the Editorial Team