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Why the KGB Raided My Factory

In order to support myself I decided to open a clothing-label factory.
The management had to ensure that each department would bring in a certain amount so that it would add up to the required total, and I assured them that I would be able to bring in more than my quota, thus becoming indispensable to them.
Preparing the documentation and presenting them to the Office of Visas and Registration (OVIR) to apply for a Visa to leave the Soviet Union was a complicated process that took about half a year to execute.
The government did not rely on the internal inspections of the main office workers to assess the productivity of businesses, so every city was graced with a government office called “The Technical Inspection Bureau.”
In my worst nightmare I did not anticipate what was yet to come.
The inspection was almost completed when the front door suddenly banged open and in walked Berel, white as a ghost.
He was thrown into the back seat of the car and the two men who had grabbed him sat next to him, one on his right and one on his left. The man at the wheel began driving quickly.
Not a day went by before I was told that the manager wanted to see me immediately.
It was only years later that the mystery was somewhat solved.

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