Not far from the Saidov home was another branch of the secret yeshiva, in the home of R. Yosef Yachobov, the son of R. Moshe Yachobov. R. Moshe Yachobov had been himself a student of R. Shlomo Leib Eliezrov and R. Simcha Gorodetzky years earlier, and he was a friend of R. Mendel Futerfas before the latter was arrested. He had the “good fortune” to pass away a year before his Chassidic friends were arrested and sent to Siberia. R. Betzalel Schiff rented an apartment from R. Yosef after he married. Some time later, he began teaching a new class of Bucharian children in his home. A boy by the name of Yitzchok Fayzakov, who came with his brother Shimon from the nearby town of Katta-Kurgan, also slept in R. Betzalel’s house.

The Fayzakov brothers' story of how they came to our yeshiva was a striking one, though quite sad. Their father, Rachamim, was a very simple Jew who wanted with all his heart for his children to learn Torah. He once met R. Refael Chudaidatov, who would occasionally visit the towns around Samarkand, and asked him to help ensure that his sons would learn Torah. Rachamim and his sons went to Samarkand and R. Refael asked R. Moshe Nissilevitch to accept his children into the secret yeshiva. At first, we were very apprehensive about accepting the children of this unfamiliar villager, but Rachamim stubbornly insisted. Ultimately, we could no longer refuse him, and his two boys remained in Samarkand.

Happy that he had succeeded in fulfilling his mission, Rachamim returned home, and upon his arrival, he had a heart attack and died. After ensuring that his sons were learning Torah, it was as though his task in this world was complete. The two brothers learned Torah and eventually became G‑d fearing Jews, and respected kosher slaughterers. Today, R. Yitzchok Fayezkov lives in the United States and markets kosher meat products to Israel.