"We will begin the meditation."

"Do I gotta wrap my legs in a pretzel?"

"No, Jay. Just wrap your head around what's happening in your hand."

It took me five blinks to believe what I saw in the palm of my hand. Wild images, swirling in and out of focus before you could get what they were, mixing together in complete chaos.

"Those, Jay, are your thoughts right now. We need to organize them. But first, we will engage the intelligence receptor."

First, the coil on my head warmed up. And then...

"My brain! It's going nuts!"

"Keep cool, Jay. Your mind is everything right now. Do not allow the heart to override its power. You have control. Tell your mind to be still and you will see."

Stillness. "Got it."

"Now focus on that ball of confusion in your hand. Bring to it a luminance and clarity."

I focused my mind. The ball began to shine. Soon it was a clear, luminous globe.

"Now, can you distinguish in this sphere the reality you desire from the background?"

"Yeah. Got it." The sphere—I can't describe it now. It just made sense. It was good.

"Check the coils on your arm. We have completed the first module."

To be sure, the first of the seven coils on my forearm was glowing and warm.

"Look, Jay, at the sphere once more. It needs to become a distinct entity from you. It needs an envelope to encompass it and protect it. Pull yourself away and allow an atmosphere to develop that will distinguish between your consciousness and its own."

I know it sounds nuts, but I was able to do it. The sphere now became its own realm, outside of my consciousness. Even though the whole thing was really nothing but my consciousness.

"We have completed the second module."

"That's it?"

"Look at your arm."

Sure enough, the second coil was glowing and warm.

"Jay, take a look at your world. What do you feel is missing? What would you like to see there?"

"Well, it would be nice if there were some places for things to happen. Like, right now it's just this emptiness. There's no real stage for anything."

"Desire it."

I witnessed a cataclysm on my planet. Volcanoes erupted under the water, bringing up islands of land that joined to become an entire continent. Then the continent ripped apart, making seas and oceans. It was starting to look like a real world: hills, mountains, lakes—the works.

"Why did you desire this?"

"I guess I wanted it to come alive."

"So desire that. Think about what it means to be alive. To create, to grow. Focus all that into your world."

It happened. My world was no longer just a dead sphere. It was alive; it gave life. It was creating—just like I was creating. Beautiful things, growing things. So many different things. It was good, real good.

"That is the third module."

--Which a quick check on the third coil confirmed.

"Jay, your world lacks context. It needs a place to be within. To measure its own time, to be oriented. To know that it is small. And to be able to receive from above."

I didn't know what that means.

"Let your mind step back and think about the space around your world. Take as much space as you like. You have infinite power."

"Well if I have infinite power, you can bet I'm going to use it..."

I didn't really realize what I was saying. I thought my brain had gone nuts before, but this was past overload. It just kept repeating these loops of creating in space over and over in endless patterns of explosions and orbits at lightspeed velocity. Space just kept expanding—this virtual space that has absolutely no limits—and my mind was speeding through it like someone had thrown a brick on the accelerator pedal.

"STOP!" That was me screaming.

It stopped. There was a universe. Galaxies. Quadrillions of them.

"I guess that got a little out of hand."

"It's good Jay. These two spheres here make a clock for your world—one for darkness, one for light. Now just connect the light from the other spheres to your world..."

I drew their light inward to the place of my palm.

"...and now we have module four."

I didn't need to check the fourth coil. I could feel it burning.

"I want it to make more life."

"It is all in the power of your mind."

That's when I really started having fun. I made the water form into swimming things. The swamps generated flying things. I just let my infinite imagination go wild and it became all these creatures. It was good.

"Do you feel the fifth coil, Jay?"

"You bet."

"We must go on to the sixth module now. This is the most crucial stage."

"But I haven't finished making creatures!"

"Continue with your creatures, but in a new mode. The mode of the sixth day."

Now my creatures began to live on the central stage—the dry land. Each idea I had branched into a thousand new ideas, creating whole families of creatures with slight variations. Some ideas were just too nuts—big and clumsy or just too stupid—I trashed them pretty fast. Others were sublime. I was just starting to get the handle on this deep intelligence engine I had. I realized I didn't just have to use its power to make things—I could invest some of that power into the beings I was making.

"Jay, you are becoming a master. What do you want to create now?"

"I have an idea for the ultimate being. Something that contains all that I have learned in a single box—the light, the darkness, the confusion, the clarity, the atmosphere, the oceans, the plants, the galaxies, the fish, the birds—and all these other neat creatures I just made. All in one."

"Where will you begin?"

"With the mud. So it will have the lowest and the highest, all in one."

"Then focus all the powers that is flowing through you and bring it forth."

I had to reach deep inside-like, to get in touch with where all this was coming from. Sure, I was tuned in to a much higher source, but ultimately all this was coming through me, Jay, the guy. So I pulled together all of that, everything within me; I brought down as much power as I could from that infinite source running through me. And I focused it all into a chunk of mud in my world.

So there was this being. The everything guy. So now this whole world could be like a role playing game and he would be my avatar. He could take control from within and I could be there through him. Sweet, real sweet.

"Jay, that is the sixth module. You now need one more module: To sit back and enjoy. And allow the creatures to enjoy. No longer to create or to be created, but just to be.

"Yes, but..."

"Jay, what is wrong? There is something you desire that you are not bringing to your active consciousness."

"I'm still on the outside. On the outside looking in."

"You want to experience your world from within. As one of those creatures."

"Breathe in deeply, Jay. Withdraw all of yourself within. Now grab that self and, with all the power of your essence, blow suddenly within your guy down there..." "As that creature." I pointed with my other hand at the everything guy I had made. I really identified with him. But I wanted to see things from his eyes, hear those birds with his ears, touch those critters with his hands, feel the ground of my world beneath his feet and feel his heart thumping inside when he gazed out at all that awesome beauty I had made. I didn't want to be just out here looking in at a fantasy. I wanted it to become real, as real as digging my teeth into a juicy hamburger.

"Then breathe in deeply, Jay. Withdraw all of yourself within. Now grab that self and, with all the power of your essence, blow suddenly within your guy down there."

Which I did.

And now I had two minds.