With all the terror around the world, my husband and I were discussing ways to keep our home safe. I lean more toward spirituality than he does, so I say we need to get our mezuzahs checked and make sure we have them on every door. He says we should get our alarm system checked and make sure we have sensors on every window. But you can have all the alarms in the world, and in the end it just boils down to having faith. And if we have faith, aren't mezuzahs enough?


You’re right. And so is your husband. Installing an alarm system is as much an act of faith as installing mezuzahs.

I can think of no better example of a man of faith than the Rebbe. And the Rebbe always told people to check their mezuzahs, because a kosher mezuzah correctly placed on every doorway of the house invokes divine protection on those who live there, when they are home and even when they are away.

But here's a fascinating little piece of trivia. A close assistant to the Rebbe, who helped the Rebbe in his home, noticed that every single night before retiring upstairs, the Rebbe would personally check each downstairs window to see that it was locked.

He was a man of faith. But he lived in Brooklyn.

There is no contradiction here. True faith doesn't mean being irresponsible. It means looking after yourself in every way that is humanly possible, all the while recognizing that in truth, G‑d is looking after us. You need to lock your windows, but it's the mezuzah that keeps you safe. We need alarms, we need security guards, and we need the Israeli army. But we need to pray to G‑d that all these things should be effective.

So you are right, it is all about faith. If you have faith, install an alarm. And if you want the alarm to work, check the mezuzahs first.