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Insights on Mezuzah

A collection of readings, stories and essays about the significance of the mezuzah.

Home Security
Think of it as a dedicated connection putting you online with the Infinite Server of All Things
Words in a Doorway
The things we do with words: mind, heart, speech, body and environment . . .
Rooms and Doorposts
The living room, kitchen, dinning room, bedroom -- each houses and serves a different aspect of our lives. This fragmentation of space, however, may also cause a certain fragmentation of consciousness
The Mystical Significance of the Mezuzah
The mezuzah is an arrow, fixed upon the doorpost in the three dimensions of space, time and soul, pointing from the "domain of the many" to the "domain of the one"
The books are inside; the mezuzah is outside.
Why a Mezuzah Is Not a Mezuzah
If not for the scrolls, there would be no reason for plain old doorposts...
Do I Need Anything Besides the Mezuzah Case?
I purchased three mezuzahs from a synagogue sale (without the parchment). I’ve heard they are very expensive; can I just place a copy inside?
Why Kiss the Mezuzah?
I want to understand why some people touch the mezuzah on the doorpost of their home as they enter or leave?
What Should I Do with the Mezuzah Box?
Sacred objects themselves, such as a Torah scroll or the parchment of the mezuzah on which Biblical verses are written, cannot just be thrown in the garbage; they need to go through a special burial process.
Do I Need an Alarm System if I have a Mezuzah?
if we have faith, aren't mezuzahs enough?
Is It OK to Wear a Mezuzah Necklace?
There are records of people using mezuzot as amulets since ancient times.
A Mezuzah Anthology
Comprehensive coverage of the mitzvah of mezuzah: the basics, the laws & customs, a deeper look, and mezuzah in the words of our sages...
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