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Mezuzah Stories

From Talmudic times to the present, these stories tell of the mezuzah’s special place in Jewish life and belief.

A 9/11 Miracle and the Power of ‘Mezuzah’
Why him? From all the people in the crowd, why did the firefighter save my brother-in law?
Weeping Beside the Mezuzah at UCLA
Some time later the professor again visited the student for a class gathering. But when she approached the apartment, she did not see the mezuzah.
The 'Case' of the Scandalous Mezuzah
I had bought a beautiful blue Mezuzah while touring Israel six years previously. I knew that it was good, a $5 price tag and an honest-faced proprietor had assured me of this...
When Hadrian’s Guards Succumbed to the Mezuzah
The messengers arrived and started to carry out the emperor’s orders without delay. They led him out of his house. At the door Onkelos stopped and joyfully kissed the mezuzah . . .
Mezuzah Cure
Friday morning, the doctor called to say that he had made arrangements for our child to be admitted to the hospital. Not even five minutes later, the phone rang again, and this time it was the scribe . . .
The Ultimate Home Security System
While a mechanical security system guards homeowners from thieves, I like to think that my special home security system, my mezuzah brings Divine protection.
What Happened When I Decided to Check My Mezuzahs
The custom during the month of Elul for a general inspection of scrolls
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