The next day, erev Shabbos, Nissan 9 (March 24), Rabbi Binyomin Klein called me to his office. He had a “reply” for me from the Rebbe. This took me completely by surprise because I had not asked the Rebbe any questions, so I was not expecting any reply. Still, anything from the Rebbe is always more than welcome and I hurried to the office in great excitement to find out what the Rebbe had written to me.

And what a lovely surprise. Just a few words, but well worth coming all the way from England just to read them. This is the literal English rendering as translated from the Hebrew by my son-in-law, Shmuel Lew:

Everything was received and double thanks. Herewith three receipts. And thank you for coming here for these days out of joy and a good heart – And, as is your custom to make others rejoice as well, out of ampleness in all.

I felt very proud indeed and was determined to do my best to make my presence felt in a happy and constructive way.