After five years of direct correspondence with the Rebbe, sometime in the year 5718 (1958), Roselyn and I felt that it was time that we went to New York in order to see and meet the Rebbe personally. Back then, traveling to the USA was an adventure, a once in a lifetime experience. The sea journey alone took five days each way.

We decided to combine the ruchnius (the spiritual) with the gashmiyus (the material), in other words, to take advantage of our visit to the Rebbe in New York, and also enjoy an extended winter holiday in the sunshine of Miami Beach, in Florida.

Amid great excitement and expectations, we booked our lovely stateroom on the ship called the Queen Mary for our outward journey, and a similar one on the Queen Elizabeth for our homeward voyage. We decided to leave our children, Avrohom and Hindy, at home.

We sent word to the Rebbe of our plans, and in a letter from the Rebbe dated Rosh [Chodesh] Kislev, 5719 (November 13, 1958), the Rebbe wrote in the postscript:

Particulars regarding your arrival, please G‑d, on Friday, January 2nd, have been noted, and the office will take care of the arrangements, as requested.

I also received a letter from the Rebbe‘s Secretariat which included the following paragraph:

No doubt you will let us know the exact time of your arrival, and also your means of transportation, so that we can arrange to have someone meet you and greet you on arrival.

We excitedly looked forward to our imminent departure.