A most luxuriously appointed new 20-foot Dodge van had just been delivered outside 770. This was the most modern and up-to-date “Mitzvah Tank” I could have ever envisaged.

The whole interior twenty feet was covered with wall-to-wall carpeting. There was armchair comfort for at least twelve people, including the driver. Other amenities included two long narrow tables, a gas cooker (stove), water and sink, toilet and shower, fridge, air conditioning, electric fan to expel air, dozens of lights, microphones and a public relay system, complete with musical recordings and so on.

When stationary, a large-colored canopy could be unfolded from the roof, and now this “Tank” had the appearance of a coffee or ice cream and refreshment stall. A sign might read “Hot Mitzvos supplied here.”

I am quite certain the public could be tempted to come and look around and, at the same time, it would be a pleasure for the men to raise their left arms to put on tefillin.

On Monday, Sivan 9 (May 19), the day after the kinus hatorah, the Rebbe’s car drew up to 770. While I was still rushing forward to carry out my – non-commissioned – duties as commissionaire, the Rebbe opened the car door himself. By the time I had reached the car, the Rebbe was already standing on the sidewalk.

“Too late,” said the Rebbe with a jolly smile.

I was crestfallen. The Rebbe took a few steps forward, turned around, held up two fingers and declared, “Next time twice.”

I had been frustrated, but was now much appeased.

As a bonus, Roselyn, who was standing close by, received a wonderful smile and a salute – the Rebbe touched his hat with his finger.