I would not be human if I did not include at least some of the praises and tributes I have received for my “diary.”

I was very delighted that both the Rebbe and Rebbetzin enjoyed this year’s efforts: My Encounter with the Rebbe, installment 6. Rabbis Chodakov, Groner and Klein maintained that “every year it improves.”

Mrs. Yehudis Groner likes my humor. “You laugh with us, not at us.”

Dovid Abenson enjoyed every page. He read it three times – in one sitting. “It sounded even better,” he added, “when I hear you personally reading it to the bochurim (at the kinus hatorah).”

Lipa Brennan: “The Torah is clear and good, the adjectives just right.” He was able to visualize the scenes at 770.

Bentzion Kravitz (at the Morristown yeshiva) was at first quite bewildered with the 770 scene, since he did not understand everything that was going on there, but then someone gave him my diary and everything was made perfectly clear to him. “You have a great zechus (merit) for this,” he said.

Rabbi Schildkraut complained that I had spoiled his afternoon sleep on yom tov. Rabbi Raichik (while staying at his home) had left a copy lying on a table, where Rabbi Schildkraut picked it up. He started reading but then could not put it down until he had finished it. Rabbi Raichik’s son, Yossi, half jokingly asked how he might get a mention. I explained that all he had to do was something unusual. He immediately did a little dance for me. (That was not unusual!)

One man asked me for my “dairy” (not diary); it was on Shavuos, so I suppose he could have been correct.

A fellow from Israel asked me for my “choveret” (Hebrew for booklet).

“Do you read English?” I asked, surprised.

“No,” he replied, “but my wife does.”

I received a short but interesting letter from the Rebbe dated Erev Shabbos Bereishis 5736 (October 3, 1975), which included the following paragraph:

I am confident that you (and I) and all our people Israel will fill the days and months of the New Year with more Torah and mitzvos, and with increased efforts to spread Yiddishkeit [Jewishness] and do all this with real joy. And it is known that “simcha [joy] breaks through the barriers,” including those of inner limitations by habit and routine and worries….

One will take note from this quoted letter that the Rebbe includes himself among those who “will fill the days and months of the New Year with more Torah and mitzvos.”

The Rebbe works a 24-hour day, which is already filled to capacity with Torah and mitzvos. Surely, if the Rebbe is able to find extra time for additional Torah and mitzvos, we should be able to follow his fine example and do the same.