On Erev Shavuos, Sunday, Sivan 5 (May 26), I wrote a letter to the Rebbe mentioning, between other matters, the reprimand I received for my singing over Shabbos. I also wrote that I hoped the farbrengen on yom tov would be more freilich. I could well comprehend that the Rebbe was under great duress because of events in Israel – regarding the “Mihu Yehudi” law and so forth – but after all, it is a mitzvah to be happy on yom tov.

I thanked the Rebbe again for the use of his apartment and the great improvements in it.

I left this letter on the Rebbe’s mail tray at 1:30 in the afternoon.

There were about twenty other letters in the tray and today was also erev Shavuos.

One hour later, at 2:30, I received a message from Rabbi Groner that he had the reply to my letter (already!). The Rebbe had also instructed him to be certain “Reb Zalmon” received these replies at once. (I liked that “Reb Zalmon” part.)

To me it is amazing that with all the preparation the Rebbe required for Shavuos and the grand Shavuos farbrengen – which turned out to be six hours of sichas and a maamar – the Rebbe still found the time to read scores of letters, and reply to some, too!

In his written reply, the Rebbe said he liked my new diary (installment five) and it was self-understood that I must continue writing these yearly diaries. (The Rebbe made a correction in the diary later at our yechidus.)

In my letter, I had suggested to the Rebbe that we print the English/Hebrew Tanya right away, without the most thorough editing, and take our chances with the typographical errors therein. The Rebbe replied that he could not give me the go-ahead to print without the agreement of my colleagues on the Tanya Board in Manchester and London.

Regarding my mention of the continued negative reactions to my

singing in 770 – from those who think I do so without the Rebbe’s permission – the Rebbe wrote, “blessing upon him." In other words, continue as hitherto. As my mother a”h would have said “Ah gezunt aif zain kepple” (a blessing on his head). So, is it not worth singing? It definitely is!