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Talmudic Cloning

Discovering Talmudic Principles

This Talmud course will be exploring and analyzing the second chapter of tractate Kiddushin, which focuses on the principles of the “agent” and the Talmudic debate on ‘Shlichut’.

The Jewish 'Agency'
Video | 52:28
The Jewish 'Agency'
Talmudic Cloning, Lesson 1
An introduction to the fundamental principles of shlichut—appointing an agent to act in one’s stead.
Back to the Roots
Video | 58:40
Back to the Roots
Talmudic Cloning, Lesson 2
Searching for the Torah source, we analyze the specific biblical phrasing to infer Talmudic legislation.
Just Following Orders
Talmudic Cloning, Lesson 3
In this lesson we explore the liabilities of the agent and its commissioner—who is to be held responsible?
Video | 54:36
Talmudic Cloning, Lesson 4
What is the essential mechanism of shlichut (the power of agency)? On the lighter side, can you be in two places at once?
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