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The Jewish 'Agency'

Talmudic Cloning, Lesson 1

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The Jewish 'Agency': Talmudic Cloning, Lesson 1

An introduction to the fundamental principles of shlichut—appointing an agent to act in one’s stead.
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Talmud, Shelichut; the Shaliach

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Rabbi Binyomin Bitton Vancouver, BC September 21, 2014

Word Translation To Janice:

Thank you for the kind feedback.

I believe that you are referring to the word: "Meshaleach". This translates as "The one who sends" (i.e. the person who appoints an agent (shliach)). For example, the Rebbe is the 'Meshaleach' of all of his Chabad Shluchim around the world. Reply

Janice September 16, 2014

Jewish Agency Thank you very much. Discussion was delightful.

I was unable to understand a word sounded like Ma schlach? Would you be so kind; to send the the correct spelling and it's definition.

Thank you Reply

Rabbi Binyomin Bitton Vancouver, BC August 15, 2014

Hiring a Shaliach To Maureen:

Thank you for your comment.

I was referring to a 'Mitzvah'. The Talmud explains that it is better for one to perform a Mitzvah by himself, rather than sending a Shaliach doing the Mitzvah on your behalf.

For example, Shabbat prep is a great Mitzvah. Instead of hiring someone to do it, the Talmud says that it would be best to do it by yourself.

Or lets say you are having guest. Instead of having someone helping in the house prepare the guest room, it would be best if you can perform the Mitzvah (of Hachnassat Orchim) by preparing the room yourself. Reply

Maureen Shapiro England June 19, 2014

I was interested to hear your talk about Shaliachs. You say it is important to do a
specific job yourself where possible rather than hire a shaliach. How does this affect hiring a cleaner to do your housework. Is she counted as a shaliach? Reply

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