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Privacy Rights

Discovering Talmudic Principles

This Talmud course will be exploring and analyzing the first chapter of tractate Bava Batra, which focuses on the rights of privacy, the types of properties protected by privacy laws, the duties and requirements of neighbors, and the court procedures for adjudicating them.

The Principles of Privacy Laws
Privacy Rights, Lesson 1
Find out the what, when and how of privacy rights, which constitutes the foundation for the Talmud’s approach to the entire subject.
Visual Trespass
Video | 1:01:34
Visual Trespass
Privacy Rights, Lesson 2
Is “visual trespass,” peeking into another’s property, considered damaging and a form of trespass, which must be enjoined by law to protect privacy?
Properties Protected by Privacy Laws, Part 1
Privacy Rights, Lesson 3
Gain the skills of a ‘Talmudic realtor’ as we navigate various classifications of properties and their respective status.
Properties Protected by Privacy Laws, Part 2
Privacy Rights, Lesson 4
We continue to probe and examine different types of properties, and attempt to prove their respective status relating to privacy.
Challenges in Real Estate Partnership
Privacy Rights, Lesson 5
In this final lesson, we endeavor to attain a conclusive overview and summary of privacy rights and the legalities of land division.
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