Chapter 1

Q. 1 Summarize the main beliefs of Judaism.

Q. 2 What does the word “Torah” mean?

Q. 3 How many a) positive mitzvotb) negative mitzvot, are there?

Q. 4 What is a) The Written Law?
b) The Oral Law?

Q. 5 Write out the 10 Commandments.

Q. 6 What is a) Ahavat Hashem?
b) Yirat Hashem?

Q. 7 Why do we see good people suffer and bad people prosper?

Q. 8 What will happen when Moshiach comes?

Q. 9 What are the seven Noachide Laws?

Chapter 2

Q. 1 What is a) the Yetzer Tov?b) the Yetzer Hora?

Q. 2 What is the meaning of a) Derech Eretz?b) Kiddush Hashem?

Q. 3 Which three qualities are proposed by all Jews?

Q. 4 Outline a few laws of Tzedakah.

Q. 5 What is meant by:
Hachnassat Orchim?Bikkur Cholim?Halvayat Hamet?
Hachnassat Kallah?

Q. 6 How may we follow G‑d’s example?

Q. 7 What did Rabbi Akiva say about Ahavat Yisrael?

Q. 8 What is the difference between Lashon Horaand Rechilut?

Q. 9 What is the definition of:

Q. 10 In which ways should children honor their parents?

Q. 11 Translate:

Chapter 3

Q. 1 Write out the Aleph-Bet with all the final letters.

Q. 2 What are the numerical values of:

Q. 3 Write out the Hebrew months.

Q. 4 Write the following dates in Hebrew:
19th Kislev3rd Tamuz27th Tevet

Q. 5 What are the significant dates in the month of Tishrei?

Q. 6 What does תנ"ך, stand for?

Q. 7 Write out the names of the Five Books of Moses.

Q. 8 Name five of the books of the Prophets.

Q. 9 Name five of the books of the Writings.

Chapter 4

Q. 1 What is the Mishnah?

Q. 2 What is the Talmud?

Q. 3 Who was Rambam?

Q. 4 What is the Shulchan Aruch?

Q. 5 What is the first verse a child should learn as soon as he can speak?

Chapter 5

Q. 1 Name the three daily prayers.

Q. 2 What is the content of the Shema?

Q. 3 What is the Shmonah Esrei?

Q. 4 What does kavannah mean?

Q. 5 Give an outline of the order of Shacharit.

Q. 6 What is an Aliyah?

Q. 7 How many people are called up to the Torah on:
Shabbat morning?
Shabbat afternoon?
Monday morning?
Thursday morning?
Rosh Chodesh?

Q. 8 What is the meaning of:
Aron Hakodesh?Bimah?Amud?Chazzan?Ner Tamid?

Chapter 6

Q. 1 What is the meaning of:
Oneg Shabbat?

Q. 2 What is the name of the blessing:
that signals the arrival of Shabbat?
that signals the termination of Shabbat?

Q. 3 How many meals do we eat on Shabbat?

Q. 4 Name five forbidden activities on Shabbat.

Q. 5 On Shabbat, is it permitted to:
walk to Shul?
turn off a light?
wash clothes?
move a brick?

Q. 6 Why is Shabbat called a “Queen”?

Q. 7 Name two special Shabbatot.

Chapter 7

Q. 1 What is Chametz?

Q. 2 How does one do Bedikat Chametz?

Q. 3 What is
a) Serayfat Chametz?b) Mechirat Chametz?

Q. 4 Write out the stages of the Seder.

Q. 5 Draw a Seder plate with all items in the correct place.

Q. 6 How many days after Pesach is Shavuot?

Q. 7 What do we read in the Synagogue on Shavuot?

Q. 8 What is the Omer? What is Sefirat HaOmer?

Q. 9 What is Tikkun Leil Shavuot and when do we read it?

Q. 10 What is the meaning of Rosh Hashanah?

Q. 11 How do we prepare in the month of Elul?

Q. 12 Why do we blow the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah?

Q. 13 What special foods do we eat on Rosh Hashanah?

Q. 14 What is Tashlich?

Q. 15 What is prohibited on Yom Kippur?

Q. 16 What is the special mitzvah of Yom Kippur?

Q. 17 What is the name of the last prayer of Yom Kippur and what does it mean?

Q. 18 Which special story do we read at Minchah on Yom Kippur?

Q. 19 Why do we sit in a Sukkah?

Q. 20 What are the Arbaah Minim?

Q. 21 What do they symbolize?

Q. 22 What is Hoshana Rabbah?

Q. 23 What happens on Simchat Torah?

Q. 24 What does Chanukah celebrate?

Q. 25 How [in which order] does one light the Menorah?

Q. 26 What are the special mitzvot of Purim?

Q. 27 Name five fast days and their significance.

Chapter 8

Q. 1 What are the signs of a kosher animal?

Q. 2 What is the meaning of:
a Hechsher?
a Shochet?
Cholov Yisrael?

Q. 3 What must be done to meat before it is kosherto eat?

Q. 4 What are the signs of a kosher fish?

Q. 5 What makes a kitchen “kosher”?

Chapter 9

Q. 1 What is the name of the man who writes a Sefer Torah?

Q. 2 What is a Hachnassat Sefer Torah?

Q. 3 What is written inside Tefillin?

Q. 4 Where are the Tefillin placed?

Q. 5 What is the meaning of the three letters Shin, Daled, Yud on the reverse side of a Mezuzah?

Q. 6 What is the meaning of Tzitzit?

Chapter 10

Q. 1 What is a Mikvah?

Q. 2 Describe a Brit Milah.

Q. 3 What is a Pidyon Haben?

Q. 4 What happens on the occasion of a Bar Mitzvah?

Q. 5 Describe a Jewish wedding.

Q. 6 What is the meaning of:

Chapter 11

Q. 1 What is Birkat Hamazon?

Q. 2 How do you wash Netilat Yadayim:
upon awakening in the morning?
before eating a meal of bread?

Q. 3 Which Berachah do you make on:
an apple?
chocolate cake?
grape juice?
fish balls?

Q. 4 What is Al Hamichyah and when is it said?

Q. 5 When is Borei Nefashot recited?

Q. 6 What is the special berachah made on eating new fruit?

Q. 7 What does Baruch Hashem mean?

Chapter 12

Q. 1 What are the special responsibilities of a Levitoday?

Q. 2 What are the special responsibilities of a Kohentoday?

Q. 3 Is a Kohen allowed to visit a cemetery?

Chapter 13

Q. 1 What did G‑d create on each of the six days of creation?

Q. 2 How many generations were there:
from Adam to Noah?
from Noah to Abraham?
from Abraham to Moses?

Q. 3 Name the main Jewish leaders from the time of Moses to King Solomon.

Q. 4 Who destroyed the first Temple?

Q. 5 When did the story of Purim take place?

Q. 6 When did the story of Chanukah take place?

Q. 7 Who destroyed the second Temple?

Q. 8 On which date were the Temples destroyed?

Q. 9 How many Jews died during the Holocaust?

Q. 10 In which year was the State of Israel declared?

Chapter 14

Q. 1 Where is:
the Kotel?
Kever Avot?
Kever Rachel?

Q. 2 Name a few mitzvot that are special to the Land of Israel.

Q. 3 How many Jews live in Israel today?

Q. 4 What is the capital city of Israel?

Q. 5 Where is the main airport?

Q. 6 What is the name of the spoken language of