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What Is the Torah?

A brief primer on the Torah: the Written Law as well as the Oral Law and its many sub-sections.

What Is Torah?
A Comprehensive Overview
Torah refers to the Five Books of Moses, the entire Hebrew Bible, and the entire corpus of religious Jewish knowledge. Torah is how the Creator shares the purpose, intent, and desire behind all that exists.
What Is the Torah?
G‑d’s guide to mankind consists of two parts—the Written and Oral Laws—and 613 components.
The Five Books of Moses, 613 Commandments, the Messorah, Prophets, and Holy Writings.
The Oral Torah has come a long way since it was orally transmitted to Moses atop Mount Sinai. But despite the long way, it remains unchanged at its core.
A timeline of the transmission of the Oral Law
Moses received the Torah in the year 2448 after creation. Nearly 2000 years later, Rabbi Ashi and Ravina completed the Talmud. See the links in the transmission of the Oral Law from Moses until the completion of the Talmud.
The Torah from Sinai - A Diagram
A chart which visually depicts the transmission of the Oral Law, from Sinai to the Code of Jewish Law.
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