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Goal Setting Joseph’s Way
A 12-Step Biblical Program
Let's see if we can get some free Goal Setting advice from the Torah, without having to spend millions of dollars on research, or even $25 on a hardcover self-help book...
Getting Things Done
It can be sobering to periodically take stock of my goals and see how much I have actually done. While such self-appraisal is a noble and effective aspect of any plan, unfortunately, it can also easily lead to regrets and recriminations, which in turn can become obstacles to healthy spiritual growth...
Me? Special?
Appreciating Others is Important. Appreciating Yourself is Crucial.
We have a tendency to focus on our imperfections. But how many of us are equally honest about our strengths?
What's Your Blind Spot?
One of the most important people to have in your life is a "mentor-friend": someone who truly has your best interests at heart, who will tell you what you're doing wrong
When I Joined the “High Society” Synagogue
I admit I am intolerant. At times I am bigoted towards others. I judge people by the way they look, the way they walk, the way they talk, and an immeasurable amount of other calculated imagery I build up in my mind about them.
Internal Wars
Replacing toxic thoughts with HRB's - Healthy Replacement Beliefs
Our negative self-evaluations and criticism of others can wreak havoc on our relationships and block our ability to experience love, joy and faith...
When something or someone touches this raw area, we experience a burning sensation of hurt, anger or misery...
This won't happen again for another hundred years. I may forget by then. Should I wake up at 2:00 AM to experience this once-in-a-lifetime moment?
The Man who Changed his Life
It's not very often that a person gets to see, printed in a newspaper, how he will be remembered after his death. One man did, and what he saw horrified him...
Much of the strength of the Cossacks, the ferocious Ukrainian warriors, depended on their horses. How did they choose these legendary horses that they could trust with their lives?