Family Affairs

Speaking Nicely
“Yesterday I went into The Red Shed and looked for the photography stall. I asked the owner, Anne, if she remembered a family with lots of children coming in and she said ‘yes’ immediately,” my mother-in-law paused . . .
Broken Radio
As fate should have it our stereo system broke on us this past week. Unfortunately, this time Anton, our trusty mechanic, told us that it wasn't one of those quick fix situations...
This year, the fireworks lasted. In fact they're still there, bright and colorful, turning summersaults in the sky. Let me explain how that happened...
Sibling Rivalry
When we see people who seem to have more than us, we become overly focused on what they have and we lose consciousness of our own blessings.
An Ode to My Little Brother
Little brothers are so handy. When they are very small they can give you a massage by walking on your back. Then they get a little bigger, and soon, they are arm-rest size.
Choosing to Not Be Hurt
Bear in mind that what is coming out of your brother’s mouth is basically bursts of hot air. You now have to make a choice as to how to decode this air, and what interpretation to give to it . . .