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On Physical Wellbeing

As with physical fitness, you don’t need to be a professional to partake in what Judaism offers.
Taking Diet Lessons
What I Learnt From Dieting
By my thirteenth birthday I was overweight, and I have been dieting ever since. Following guidelines I’ve developed over the years, I have finally stabilized my weight. These strategies have also taught me how to successfully ride the roller coaster of life.
The Placebo Effect
Placebos may alleviate pain, but they are no substitute for real medications. The same is true with the soul's ailments -- we should not be feeding her placebos!
Helping the Rabbi Work Out
I was forced to internalize the truth that had been coated with ice cream and couch potato for too long . . .
The Only Weight Loss Scheme That Works
Don't consume more than you burn. The concept behind healthful eating is actually quite simple. The same applies to our spiritual eating regimen...
Doctors of Humility
How does he see that he may be holding a heart in his hand, but life is not in his hands, that he can make a man live or die, but has no right over life and death, and has no right to do anything but heal?
Doing Things Differently
Chairs so casually strewn across the floor became critical allies, their seemingly random positions (as well as those of the couch and bookcases) suddenly of looming importance