For many years, I have had the privilege of teaching Hilchos Shabbos at the Lubavitch House Senior Schools in London and at the Yad Ramah Seminary at Bournemouth. I have always felt the need for an English summary of the Halachos of Bishul based on the rulings of the Rebbeim of Chabad. Rabbi Y. Farkash, a Moreh Horaah of the Chabad community of Jerusalem, produced an excellent sefer, Shabbos KeHalachah, in which he delves in great detail into these Halachos. This book is based on Shabbos KeHalachah, but has also been edited by Rabbi L. Y. Raskin, Dayan of the Lubavitch community in London, who has made many valuable suggestions and corrections.

Our Sages tell us that, “If you will keep the Shabbos I will draw in your exiles.” (Mechilta, Beshallach). It is my fervent hope that through learning and keeping these halachos we will hasten the coming of Mashiach, may he come now, Amen.


The author wishes to thank all the talmidim/os who helped shape this book, and in particular Dayan L.Y. Raskin for all his proofreading and editing.

A warm word of gratitude to Rabbi Yonah Avtzon and Yosef Yitzchok Turner of Sichos In English for nurturing this project to fruition, and to Ms. R.C. Schilder for her meticulous editing. Special thanks to my wife and children for all their support in our joint Shlichus.

Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov
Chai Elul, 5761
Wimbledon, UK