“You will remember the day you left Egypt all the days of your life!”

-Re’ey 16:3

The Mishnah notes that the word “all” appears to be superfluous. Thus it must have particular significance.

The phrase “all the days of your life,” therefore, is interpreted to mean “lehavi liyemot haMoshiach-[‘all the days’] includes even the days of Moshiach.” This means that even in the Messianic era we shall still remember the exodus (our redemption from Egypt) and express gratitude for it.

The literal translation of lehavi liyemot haMoshiach is “to bring the days of Moshiach.” This expression, then, has another significance as well. “All the days of your life,” that is, every day of our life-time, must be imbued by the single and profound objective to bring about the Messianic era. We must always bear in mind that any one good deed, every single one, hastens the coming of Moshiach.

When the actual redemption will occur, therefore, we will not feel that we are benefiting from a gratuitous gift. We ourselves can-and did-make an effort and contribution “to bring the days of Moshiach...”