“Remember the Shabbat-day to keep it holy.”

-Yitro 20:8

Rashi explains this verse: Take heed to remember the Shabbat-day constantly, so that if you happen to find something special-set it aside for Shabbat. Likewise, our sages state that we are not to give special names to the weekdays but to refer to them in context of the Shabbat (“first day to the Shabbat, second day to the Shabbat,” and so forth). In this way, we are constantly conscious of the Shabbat, and prepare for it every day of the week.

The same applies to the era of the Messianic redemption. It is referred to as “the Day that is entirely Shabbat and repose for life everlasting.” Throughout the present “week-days” of the galut we must constantly remember and remain conscious of that “Shabbat-Day.” We must now prepare ourselves and everyone, and everything around us, for the upcoming Shabbat of the Messianic era.