“Thus you shall say to the House of Jacob and tell the Children of Israel.”

-Yitro 19:3

Our sages state that “House of Jacob” refers to the women of Israel, and “Children of Israel” to the men. When G‑d gave the Torah to Israel, He told Moses to approach the women first.

The purpose of the exodus from Egypt was for the Jewish people to receive the Torah at Sinai, as it is written: “When you will have brought the people out from Egypt, you shall serve G‑d upon this mountain” (Shemot 3:12). Of the exodus itself it is said that it occurred in the merit of the pious women of that generation. Thus, when it came to the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, the women were given precedence.

The Messianic redemption, too, will come about in the merit of the righteous women of Israel, as stated in the Midrash: “All generations are redeemed by virtue of the pious women of their generation” (Yalkut Shimoni, Ruth: 606). Thus the women will once again be first to receive the wondrous teachings to be heard from Moshiach.