And you, dear children, search your souls with a relentless search; perhaps you will find “a root flourishing with gall and wormwood” 1 that will lead to the undesirable approach to the study [described above]. If even a slight [propensity to that approach is found], destroy this evil from your midst, and let the Torah of truth be in your mouths.

It will be the responsibility of the Mashgiach, the Razav, to thoroughly investigate whether any of the students are studying in the undesirable manner described above, [and] to obliterate this evil from our house of study, that it be neither seen, nor found. 2 He should oversee and endeavor that your studies be carried out in the desired manner. The directors of our fellowship are obliged to join him in this endeavor at his request, so that they will not be responsible for the wrongdoing [of the students].

I am certain that when the students take hold of the Tree of Life by studying Chassidus with desire and zeal, in a short time, they will all consider the study of Chassidus of primary importance, and will internalize its concepts thoroughly. They will also study Nigleh in the desired manner; they will desire and carry out G‑d’s will. The Torah of truth will direct them and illuminate their souls with the light of the Life of all life.

Synopsis: [This chapter] enjoins to remove [all traces of] the undesirable approach to study, and [states] that the study of Chassidus will assist in this.