Behold, the young men with whom our association was founded knew the purpose of its establishment, and they chose and desired this [as their mission]. They eagerly accepted and carried out 1 [the mission] of occupying themselves with Chassidus according to the schedule mentioned above. They studied well, and, thank G‑d, their efforts brought forth fruit and were crowned with success.

In the present time as well, there are many young men who follow this path and adapt themselves to this ultimate purpose. They are proceeding and advancing. There are, however, many others who, over the course of time, lost sight of this ultimate purpose. To a large extent, this happened because over time, there came and gathered new students for whom the concept of involvement in Chassidus was foreign to them. Not that they are opposed, heaven forbid, it’s just that Chassidus is an unknown for them. They came to study Nigleh.

This introduced an unfamiliar atmosphere into the hall of study, [and there began to be a sense] that the fundamental purpose is for the study of Nigleh, and the study of Chassidus is of secondary importance, heaven forbid. [This is also reflected in] their conduct. [It is obvious] that their main intent is to study Nigleh, and they study Chassidus only to fulfill their obligation.

And as a natural corollary, it is understandable that they and their Torah are not at all fitting to the ultimate intent for the study of the Torah or for their spiritual level. Therefore, on this occasion, I want to make it known to you that this is not the purpose of our intent. Not at all.

Instead, the intent of the establishment of our association is for the study of Chassidus, for it is the essence of our lives, and this will grant vitality to your study of Nigleh. And this will make you and your study of the Torah pleasing to G‑d, the Giver of the Torah.

Synopsis: [This chapter explains that] there are some who err with regard to the purpose [for the establishment of Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim]. Therefore [that purpose - the study of Chassidus -] is made known to them.