Behold, based on all the concepts explained above, you should know and understand the urgency and the necessity for the study of P’nimiyus HaTorah, and how it is the essence of our lives. [It is true that] during the day, more time must be devoted to the study of Nigleh, the revealed [dimension of] Torah [law] for the sake of bringing about refinement, as explained in ch. 13 above, based on Iggeres HaKodesh. 1 But this itself - that one’s involvement in the Torah should be desirable and directed toward the ultimate intent - comes about through involvement in P’nimiyus HaTorah.

[P’nimiyus HaTorah] must create the setting for the study of Nigleh. Without it, the study of Nigleh will not be desirable, nor properly directed. Instead, the person will stumble and fall. For it will cause him to become a yesh and a self-concerned entity. And his downward spiral will continue until he becomes attached to the Tree of Death, heaven forbid.

When, by contrast, he occupies himself with the study of P’nimiyus HaTorah, and thus establishes a connection to the Tree of Life, as explained in chs. 13-15 in particular, then his study of Nigleh will become a potion of life.

Synopsis: [This chapter reemphasizes] the necessity for the study of P’nimiyus HaTorah.