1860: Birth of the Rebbe Rashab on the 20th of the Jewish month of Cheshvan (the 5th of November).

1875: Married his cousin Rebbetzin Shterna Sara after the close of Shabbat, on the 11th of the Jewish month of Elul (the 11th of September).

1880: Begins his work in public affairs.

1882: Begins guiding the chassidim, and accepts the post of rebbe.

1892: Endeavors to have the expulsion from Moscow rescinded, and effects a postponement until the summer; provides substantial financial subsidies to enable those expelled to settle in new places.

1893: Reestablishes the committee of communal leaders in Petersburg.

1894: Visits the settlements in Kherson province.

1897: Establishes the Yeshivot Tomchei T’mimim.

1898: Travels in the public interest to Kiev and Odessa.

1899: Expresses his negative views regarding the Zionist party.

1901: Visits Germany, France and Holland on communal concerns.

1902: With the assistance of the philanthropic brothers Poliakov and the help of the I.C.A., establishes a factory for weaving and spinning wool in Dubrovna, Mogilev province. Some 2000 Jews earn ample livelihoods working there.

1904: Establishes committees to send matzot to Jewish soldiers in the Far East.

1906: Successfully endeavors in Petersburg to halt the pogroms.

1907: Prepares a detailed program entitled Hitagdut Hayerei’im (“The Union of Observant Jews”), and conveys it to Rabbi Breuer and the learned, G‑d-fearing Rabbi Yaakov Rosenheim.

1908: Participates in the meeting of communal leaders of Germany in Berlin.

1909: At the Katowitz Conference he announces his withdrawal from the Agudat Yisrael.

1911: Establishes Yeshivat Torat Emet in Hebron, Israel.

1915: On the 17th of the Jewish month of Cheshvan (the 25th of October), he leaves Lubavitch and moves to Rostov, on the River Don.

1916: During the summer, establishes Yeshivot in Georgia.

1917: Succeeds in securing legal exemption from military service for 2,382 religious functionaries (rabbis, cantors, ritual slaughterers, etc.).

1920: After Shabbat ends, of the Torah reading of Vayikra, eve of Sunday, 2 Nissan (the 21st of March), at 3:30 AM, he passes away and is interred in Rostov, on the river Don.

He had one son, the sixth rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn.