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The Rishonim

4800–5160 (1040–1400)

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(circa 4700-4800)
"My good friend, Rabbi Amnon, I know you have been loyal and devoted to me for many years. Now I wish to ask you a personal favor. Abandon your faith, and become a good Christian like me..." The gripping story behind a most moving High Holiday prayer.
(4782-4819, 1021-1058)
(circa 4790-4849; 1030-1089)
(4790-4866; 1030-1106)
Rashi: Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki
Every little child in 'Cheder' knows the name. But who was Rashi? When did he live? Where did he live? How did he live?
(4837-4901; 1077-1141)
(circa 4840-?;1080)
Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra
(circa 4852-4927; 1092-1167)
(early 12th century)
(4870-4940; 1110-1180)
The Raavad (1125-1198)
(4910-4977; 1150-1217)
(4920-4995; 1160-1235)
(About 4920-4990; 1160-1230)

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