“At the beginning of the Rebbe’s leadership,” recalls Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, one of the Rebbe’s secretaries, “the Rebbe called me into his room. He gave me two pages written by his holy hand and directed me to type them. The pages had writing on all sides, and arrows in all directions.

“This was the beginning of my job as the Rebbe’s secretary, and I was overwhelmed. My feelings were noticeable by my expression.

“The Rebbe saw this and instructed me, ‘Don’t be intimidated by the “scribbling.” Take it word by word, line by line, and everything will come out as it is meant to.’

“This instruction,” commented Rabbi Krinsky, “remained with me all my life and surely contains a lesson for us all.

“The events of this world arouse questions and doubts. Our job is not to be intimidated by the ways of the world. They are only tests.

“We must follow the teachings of our Rebbeim, ‘word by word, line by line.’ Then our questions will disappear and our doubts will vanish. The Rebbe’s words will be realized, and eventually, everything will come out as it is meant to.”

—Heard from Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky

“The quickest way to accomplish many tasks is to do one at a time.”