“This is how the Rebbe greeted me as I entered a private audience,” Rabbi Nachman Bernhard exclaimed as he pointed to a photo of the Rebbe smiling. A renowned shliach in South Africa, Rabbi Bernhard related some of his experiences with the Rebbe to his listeners.

“When it was announced that the Rebbe would no longer receive people for private audiences, I wrote a letter to the Rebbe conveying my feelings: Scientists expect that at the turn of the century a new pill will be invented. This pill will include all the nutrition included in an ordinary meal. One will no longer need to eat. It will provide all the essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, this pill will be more beneficial than a meal, because it will eliminate all unnecessary and harmful ingredients.

“However, taking a pill cannot compare to eating an actual meal.

“Similarly, although the Rebbe is not offering private audiences, the Rebbe can surely accomplish just as much without these private sessions. But it just isn’t the same…”


Gimmel Tammuz presents a difficult challenge for chassidim. Our corporeal limitations impede our perception and we cannot physically see the Rebbe. However, we must be confident that the Rebbe is still with us. He is no longer confined by physical barriers and thus reveals himself to us through higher revelations than in the past.

But it just isn’t the same… We don’t see that smile…

We pray and demand to see the Rebbe again.

“Mind the gap.”
—Announcement at the London underground system

Sometimes the deepest thoughts come from the innocent mouths of children. Here are several which the child within us can certainly appreciate:

  • Thinking about getting a shot is worse than getting one.

  • By hitting the kid with the ball you might get the ball, but you won’t have anyone to throw it to.

  • If you wait until you are really sure, you’ll never take off the training wheels.

  • You need a little push to go down the big slide.

  • If you hesitate to get your net, the butterfly will fly away.

  • When you’re dressed up like a princess, it’s easier to act like one.

  • You can’t know if someone is looking at you, unless you are looking at them.