It was the most significant business meeting of the year, and the businessman hoped to arrive early. When he entered the parking lot, he was distraught to discover that every spot was taken! He circled the parking lot frantically, hoping that someone would pull out.

“Dear G‑d,” he pleaded, “if You provide me with a parking space, I will give You 25% of my earnings.” Despite his prayers, time continued to pass but he still could not locate a parking space.

Three minutes before the meeting, he cried out, “Dear G‑d if You will find me a parking space I will give You 50% of my earnings!” The businessman’s fortune did not seem to change.

“Okay G‑d. The meeting is beginning in two minutes,” the man exclaimed in desperation. “Help me and I will give You 75% of my earnings!” As he finished uttering his vow, a car pulled out of the parking spot closest to the door.

“G‑d,” said the businessman, “forget the deal. I found a parking spot.”

“We ask G‑d to provide for our needs, and then congratulate ourselves on our ability and cleverness.”

“Harmony seldom makes a headline.”